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Consumption of seafood and poultry/eggs is also higher for more than 20% and plant-based meat alternatives is higher for 19%

One in four consumers say they are eating more protein from plant sources vs. a year ago

Source: 2021 Food & Health Survey, International Food Information Council

Question: “Thinking about the past 12 months, how has your consumption of the following changed?”

Online survey of 1,014 consumers conducted March 23-March 31, 2021

*New addition for 2021 survey

**Slight wording change in 2021

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Fortified soy-based milk and yogurt*

14% eat more now

12% eat less now


26% eat less now

Red meat

16% eat more now

17% eat more now


19% eat less now

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Other plant-based dairy alternatives

7% eat less now

18% eat more now

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Plant-based meat alternatives

19% eat more now

9% eat less now

12% eat less now

22% eat more now




23% eat more now

13% eat less now

24% eat more now

Protein from plant sources**

10% eat less now

Change in Consumption of Protein Sources in the Past 12 Months