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Simultaneous Detection of Salmonella, Listeria 

bioMérieux: +1 800-682-2666  

bioMérieux has announced its new GENE-UP® ENVIROPRO™, the only assay of its kind to simultaneously detect both Salmonella and Listeria through one swab, one enrichment, and one sample prep, including PCR confirmation. The solution provides cost savings, laboratory waste reduction, and a streamlined workflow to empower rapid and effective quality decisions. The solution is an AOAC Performance Tested Method and can be applied across food industry verticals with applications including dairy, dry fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, nutraceuticals, and multicomponent products (e.g., ready-to-eat meals), among others.


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Regulatory Global Compliance Support 

TraceGains: +1 720-465-9400 

TraceGains has announced Regulatory Global, a new module for its Networked Ingredient Marketplace that enables food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies to mitigate risks inherent to international markets. Regulatory Global makes sourcing materials and developing products for international distribution safer and faster, with coverage of more than 200,000 regulations across 237 countries, regions, and territories. Features include customizable filters, consolidated country guides, and ESG guidance. 


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FSQ Supervisor Platform for Manufacturers 

Ecolab, +1 800-352-5326   

Ecolab has launched the new Food Safety and Quality (FSQ) Supervisor, a web-based platform designed exclusively for food and beverage manufacturing, to fill a growing need for a comprehensive solution to gathering and reporting FSQ data. The modular platform allows users to selectively deploy a phased approach to simplify digital transformation and align with existing workflows. FSQ Supervisor arms food and beverage producers with actionable insights to empower data-driven decision-making across the entire food and beverage process, all in one web-based system, featuring:

  • Environmental Monitoring: Records sampling and testing
  • Test Point Management: Automated alerts for compliance with testing standards
  • Interactive Dashboards: Relevant analytics with authorized users
  • Standard Operating Procedures Management: Instructions for critical control points
  • Cleaning Verification: Ensures observance of methods, procedures, and tests
  • Reporting: Automation of internal and audit and quality reporting
  • Floorplan Visibility: An interactive, birds-eye-view of sample points
  • Strong Security: Only authorized users have access to necessary data and insights.


Optical Sorter for Whole Potatoes 

Key Technology: +1 509-540-7415

Key Technology has introduced the enhanced Herbert OCULUS optical sorter for whole potatoes. Ideal for fresh market potatoes or whole potatoes prior to processing, the enhanced, higher-resolution, 64-bit operating system improves performance to better find and remove potatoes with defects. Its superior sorting capabilities help ensure product quality while reducing labor requirements and achieving consistent line capacity despite fluctuations in incoming raw product quality. Its advanced detection capabilities enable the sorter to remove a wide range of color defects, diseases, and surface abnormalities including skin discoloration, green and dark colors, bruising, mechanical damage, blackleg, and silver scurf.


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Tanker Port with Security Lid for Sampling

QualiTru: +1 651-501-2337  

QualiTru Sampling Systems has introduced the new TruStream7 Adjustable Tanker Port with Security Lid, specifically designed for dairy and other liquid food tanker trucks. The new adjustable tanker port welds onto the inner tank wall and accommodates trailers with varying insulation thickness that ranges from 4.3 to 6 inches, minimizing the need for additional retrofitting and fabrication. Sampling can be achieved off the side or back of a tanker truck for accurate and safe antibiotic, component, or microbiological sampling, thereby increasing receiving bay efficiency and sampling safety.


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Weatherproof Device Box Covers

Atkore Calbrite: +1 800-536-2248

Atkore's Calbrite weatherproof device box covers and in-use covers are designed to protect electrical circuits positioned in wet locations, such as washdown in food production, and harsh environments. Calbrite's UL Listed, NEMA 4X approved weatherproof single-gang blank covers protect device boxes or boxes not in use. Offering protection for all indoor and outdoor blanks, GFCIs, switches, and receptacles, the 316 stainless steel covers accommodate multiple wiring devices. UL Listed for wet, damp, and dry locations (UL514D, UL 50E), Calbrite's box covers are labeled with hygienic laser etch markings to eliminate microbial harboring points.


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‘Do Not Refreeze’ Label  

SpotSee, +1 800.846.2468   

SpotSee has released its ‘Do Not Refreeze’ label to ensure food quality and safety throughout the supply chain and within commercial food environments. Once food has gone through a freeze/thaw cycle, the quality and/or safety of food can be compromised if it is refrozen. After placing the ‘Do Not Refreeze’ label on the packaging, if the temperature drops below –15 °C/5 °F, the text turns dark blue and alerts handlers that the product cannot be frozen again.   


Metal-Detectable Safety Knives  

MARTOR, +49 212.738.700   

The SECUMAX 150 MDP extends MARTOR’s family of metal-detectable safety knives. The knives remain detectable if lost—even the smallest parts—and, therefore, have no long-term adverse impacts on sensitive production processes. Weighing only 31 grams, the SECUMAX 150 MDP is made of plastic that is metal- and X-ray-detectable. The SECUMAX 150 MDP is also safe when cutting. Its concealed blade means that the sharp cutting edge never gets too close to either its user or the packaged goods. The outer blade area, used for scraping off labels and splitting adhesive tape, is also non-sharp.   


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Cloud-Based Sorting Machine

Anysort U.S.A., +1 916.372.2227   

Anysort U.S.A. is offering a new, cloud-based sorting machine with Hawk-Eye recognition technology and shape-sorting automation for in-shell walnuts and peanuts, the TK64. It is also showcasing an infrared color sorter with Hawk-Eye recognition technology for kernels of walnuts, pecans, almonds, and pistachios, the VR164+. The TK64 presents high-dimensional material fingerprint perception technology, high-definition image acquisition, and bud location analysis technology. The cloud-based VR164+ offers international advanced multi-spectral analysis technology, along with Hawk-Eye recognition technology and intelligent shape-sorting automation. The VR164+ can accurately recognize and remove plastic particles, glass, animal waste, insects, sunflower gum, and other malignant impurities.    




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