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National Safety Apparel (NSA)’s AG Safety product line introduces the DC50 and DC90 Voltage Detectors, the world’s first non-contact DC Detectors. It’s the first of its kind — a true DC non-contact detector for use in a variety of industries. Other products include an AC Voltage Detector, insulated tools, arc suppression blankets, rubber voltage gloves and apparel, including, the new ArcGuard® Performance arc flash line, that is 20% lighter, 48% thinner and 56% more flexible than other premium arc suits.
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The Cementex Contractor Series of Arc Flash Protective Clothing PPE uses premium USA labor and materials, and offers Arc Flash Task Wear with reliable, classic protection for the safety of personnel in environments in and around energized equipmentThe Contractor Series provides a total system of arc-rated protective clothing with kits. This PPE is available in 8 CAL/cm² and 40 CAL/cm² levels of protection and complies with the NFPA 70E® and CSA Z462 standards.
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Littelfuse, Inc. launches its SB5000 Industrial Shock Block Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to help protect workers from electrical shock by detecting leakage current, and interrupting the circuit for loads up to 60 A. In addition, the SB5000’s advanced ground check protection functionality monitors the ground wire for continuity, from the Shock Block to the load, to interrupt power or prevent energization of equipment if compromised.
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June 2022

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VOL. 56  NO. 6